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    Life Insurance Policies

           Life Insurance Policies
    During your life, you always try to provide welfare both for yourself and those people whom you love. Have you ever thought about providing a better life for you and your family during your retirement and old age? Have you ever thought of how to manage the consequences of unpleasant accidents and events and remove such concerns? Parsian Insurance Company presents life insurance to Bring a peace of mind for you and beloved one by providing an appropriate financial security in your future

      Why Life Insurance? Why Parsian Insurance Company?
    Today, good education, procurement of housing, etc. impose high costs on people. If you want to meet the needs of your beloved persons, if you are looking for investment, Parsian Insurance Company presents an insurance policy that meets your needs and budget. Our goal is to create a peaceful life for you and your family and sketch a beautiful future for you. Do enjoy your life beside your family with a peace of mind under the shelter of Parsian Insurance umbrella of security and peace. .

    Types of Life Insurance Policies
    Life insurance policies are divided into different types, based on the terms of insurance policy (death or life of the insured) and how the insurance capital is paid by the insurance company (on lump sum or continuous basis) and also whether the policy is used to procure or save the capital. Among insurance policies launched by Parsian Insurance Company, we can mention the life and investment insurance policy, simple term life insurance policy and decreasing term life insurance policy, that are presented for individuals and groups.

    Parsian Insurance Life and Investment Insurance
    Life and investment insurance is a suitable tool that ensures today’s peace of mind and secures tomorrow’s providence for you and your family. In addition to covering life insurance, this insurance policy provides a safe and profitable investment for your small savings in order to secure the future of your children, provision of dowry, payment of marriage portion, peace of mind during retirement, etc. The following are some other advantages of this policy:
    • Investing the premiums paid after deduction of expenses and allocating a guaranteed interest of 15% per annum,
    • Allocating 85% of profit in addition to the guaranteed profit as participation in profits, to the reserve of the insurance policies,
    • Paying interest on daily-count basis,
    • Paying incentive interest in case the insurance premium is paid ahead of the respective due date,
    • No penalty shall accrue if the insurance premium is paid later than the due date,
    • Exemption from paying income tax and inheritance tax,
    • Benefiting from insurance covers as of the birth,
    • Paying the death capital of the policy up to Rls. one billion, in case of the insured’s death,
    • Paying up to four times of the death capital, in case of death in an accident,
    • Presenting extra cover for special diseases for the insured up to Rls. 200 million,
    • Presenting extra cover for exemption from paying premium,
    • Presenting extra cover for physical deformity and permanent disability caused by an accident,
    • Possibility for withdrawing from the policy reserve,
    • Changing the lump capital to annuity,
    • getting loans, without guarantor and collateral from Parsian Insurance Co.,
    • In case of receiving loans, the surrender value of the policy shall not decrease,
    • Possibility for changing the policy terms and conditions including the premium, mode of payment, insurance covers, etc. at the beginning of each insurance year,
    • No suspension of the policy in case of delayed payment of the premium, with the value being redeemable,
    • Paying the insurance premium in total, annually, every six months, every three months and on monthly basis at your own option,
    • Paying the installments and getting policy information through the portal

    Parsian Insurance Simple Term Life Insurance
    Being always concerned about our family, we try to improve their life conditions. Certainly, a life without fear and panic will be more pleasing. But dangers and accidents are an inseparable part of our life. So we can think of a solution in order to mitigate the consequences of such dangers and accidents. We have often thought how our family are going to live and what their fate would be, if they lose us. Is there a solution to overcome these concerns? Parsian Term Life Insurance is the best solution to support you financially against the unfavorable consequences of accidents.

    Parsian decreasing term life Insurance (with declining capital)
    When getting a loan, there is always the risk that with the death of the borrower, his/her liability would become due and the respective collateral is put on auction. If the borrower maintains Parsian decreasing term life Insurance, we guarantee that in case of death of the borrower, we will pay the loan installments and as a result the heirs of the borrower shall have no obligation towards the lending institute and the mortgage will be released.

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