Sunday, November 29, 2015
Future Plans



-       As the first company to seriously develop the various aspects of Bank Assurance aspects

-       Special investment for developing life insurances in the country

-       Expansion of indemnity payment centers throughout the country

-       Developing and establishing innovation in sales and agents network

-       Creating necessary infrastructure in the organization for moving towards rendering electronic services to customers in order to establish changes in traditional procedures of the insurance business


Statement of Perspective


-       Establishing reasonable return for the shareholders

-       Company’s long-term growth

-       Rendering modern services

-       Gaining customers satisfaction

-       Establishing a learning organization

-       Improving and developing the company’s target markets

-       Establishing a competitive organization

-       IT-orientation in all fields

-       A company with the most use of the latest technologies for rendering miscellaneous services

-       A company with observance of global standards for rendering insurance services inside the country

-       An organization with creative and motivated employees in order to render more and better services to customers

Parsian Insurance

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